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July Hertsmere Lottery RoundUp

Welcome to July’s edition of Hertsmere Lottery RoundUp! #ThankYouDay is on 7th July so let’s take this opportunity to show all staff, volunteers and trustees of our Good Causes that we ap...

01 July 2024

HCL June News Article 2024

And we’re back with Hertsmere’s Community Lottery monthly news article! This June marks our 1st anniversary of the lottery news articles. We can’t believe it’s been a year alr...

31 May 2024

HCL Round Up 2024 Edition

We are back with this month’s lottery round-up! What better way to start May than with National Gardening Week running from April 9th to May 5th. It is a perfect opportunity to get outdoors as...

30 April 2024

50th Anniversary Prize Draw

You’ll gain FREE access to a fantastic online fundraising tool where you can raise unlimited, unrestricted year-round funds. Sign up and go live by Tuesday 18th June 2024 to also be entered into...

23 April 2024

Hertsmere Lottery Round Up April Edition

We’re nearly a third of the way through the year already so let’s not waste any more time and kick-start our April news article off with National Pet Month. We’d love to see pictures...

01 April 2024

Hertsmere Community Lottery March Edition

March is here already! Days are staying brighter for longer, and the weather (is supposedly) warming up. Let’s dive right into this month’s round-up of all things lottery! Monday the 4th o...

29 February 2024

February HertsmereLotto RoundUp

Welcome to February’s edition of our HertsmereLotto Roundup, where we look at all the upcoming days that may be of interest to you and your local community! We are starting off the HertsmereLott...

31 January 2024

Hertsmere Roundup January 2024 Edition

Welcome to the first HertsmereLotto Roundup of 2024! We hope everyone had an enjoyable festive season however you chose to spend it. I think it’s a must at the start of January to ask what every...

02 January 2024

It's Our Birthday

We turn 2 today (18 December 2023) and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to look back on the year and see what we have achieved, but more importantly, see what some of our Good Causes h...

18 December 2023

December News Article

We’re into the FINAL month of 2023 already! Where has the time gone? Though it may be a quieter month in terms of celebratory days, that doesn’t mean it’s a quiet month for our lotte...

30 November 2023

Our causes are on track to raise £10,452.00 this year

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335 tickets of our 3,550 ticket goal