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HCL June News Article 2024

31 May 2024

And we’re back with Hertsmere’s Community Lottery monthly news article! 

This June marks our 1st anniversary of the lottery news articles. We can’t believe it’s been a year already since we started doing this! It started with just one short piece about National Volunteering Week and has developed into a monthly coverage of all things lottery! 

Have you been here since the beginning? Or are you a new follower? Let us know when you joined us and your favourite piece so far! 

June 8th is National Best Friends Day, so why not use this opportunity to choose one of our Good Causes from the list here to support together?

National Volunteering Week this year is Monday 3rd June till Sunday 9th June and are celebrating 40 years! You can find out more here: Volunteers' Week

Let’s take a moment to thank all the hard work and dedication to all the Volunteers at all our Good Causes who are helping support our local communities!

Running alongside National Volunteering Week is Garden Wildlife Week! Our Good Cause Woodcock Hill Village Green is a 24-acre green space in Borehamwood, whilst BLANK is an organisation that supports local communities through creative arts and nature!

It’s Carers Week 2024 from the 10th to the 16th of June and you could show your support to Carers In Herts by purchasing a ticket today!

The 10th to 16th of June is Bike Week and this year’s theme is #BikeHero! To all those parents who taught their children how to ride their first bike, to community leaders who help fix their community bikes, to those who help make a difference in the cycling community near where you live – this year is for our Bike Heroes! Potters Bar Cycling Club is one of our Good Causes and they are a community group based in Potters Bar who share a passion for cycling and all the benefits it brings.

June 21st is World Music Day and to celebrate the universal appeal of music, everyone is encouraged to interact more with the variety that music has to offer! Whilst you’re at it, you may as well support Herts Showband too :)

And just for a bit of fun, the 27th of June is International Sunglasses Day, so here’s hoping we’ll have some nice sunny weather to make good use of all our pairs of sunglasses

We sadly don’t have any Birthday Bonus Shout Out’s this month :( So if you know of any local Good Causes wanting to fundraise, send them our way, or direct them to our website here, and they could feature in some of our marketing, including the Birthday Bonus Shout Out this time next year! 

However, we do have some new Good Causes to mention who joined the lottery family last month. 

Please give a warm welcome to (and perhaps become the first supporter of) Herts Inclusive Theatre, Borehamwood Royal British Legion, Red Trust Bushey and Shenley Village Cricket Club

As usual, the last update for June is this month's Super Prize draw! Have your tickets ready for Saturday 29th June to be in with the chance of winning a £1,000 Amazon Gift Card!

Our causes are on track to raise £10,452.00 this year

9.44% Complete

335 tickets of our 3,550 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £10,452.00 this year

9.44% Complete

335 tickets of our 3,550 ticket goal